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Everyone has those big household goods items that are only used during certain times of year or intermittently. You have the choice of using your limited at-home garage, closet or shed space for storage or finding a clean and secure warehouse facility to store them when they aren’t in use.

In the winter, let Mesa store your lawn furniture, over-sized children’s plastic toys or portable basketball stand. In summer, Mesa has storage available for your snow blower, snowmobile or front-end snowplow.

Consider Mesa as your extra attic storage for your holiday decorations, in-home gym equipment, floor rug storage or the overstuffed furniture you just inherited. We can also provide dorm-room storage during summer break.

In many of the nation’s fast-moving real estate markets, homes are selling before homeowners are ready to move. If you find yourself in this situation, Mesa Moving and Storage has safe, climate regulated household goods storage space for you – short term or long term.

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Complimentary Updater Services

One of the most stressful aspects of moving are the logistical complexities of setting up services for your new residence, which is why we're happy to offer Updater free of charge

Let Us Check All the Boxes on Your Move By:

  • Forwarding your USPS mail
  • Notifying your business accounts
  • Connecting your utilies
  • Hooking up your home services
  • Providing moving-related offers
  • Send "I'm Moving" announcements
Move For Hunger

Move for Hunger

Each extra item included in your move is more money out of your pocket, which is why most people try to get rid of as much stuff as possible before they relocate. This often entails emptying out the pantry, which generally results in a lot of wasted food.

We've partnered with Move for Hunger to put this food to better use by donating it to local families in need. Before you throw all the stuff in your pantry out, ask us about donating it to a local food pantry

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