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Many modern businesses are entirely reliant on their IT equipment, servers and computers for day-to-day operations, records and meeting the needs of their clients. It’s understandable that with any move comes significant anxiety over the safety and security of these assets, as well as downtime.

When moving your company Mesa Moving and Storage is in tune with how critical it is to get your IT equipment and computer servers moved in a safe and timely manner. No office move is complete until all the computers and servers are in place and connected. We have a team of IT Move Technicians assigned to work in tandem with the moving team so workstation computers are prepared, transported and set up while the furniture and building content is relocated and placed at the same time. Our IT Move Technicians have the experience and expertise to handle and move computers, servers, printers, networking and other IT equipment the right way.

IT Disconnect and Reconnect

Mesa Moving and Storage comprehensive and specialized IT moving services include full disconnect and reconnect, packing and unpacking all IT computer items, anti-static monitor guards for transport and IT component connectivity. We are also the premier IT server room movers.

With the understanding that timing is key, our dedicated IT Move Technicians proceed with high-value protocol to the extent required by our commercial clients – which may include inventories, specialized packing, truck seals, documentation and cargo tilt protection.

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