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Over time, every company accumulates a surplus of furniture and equipment that takes up space and gathers dust. The management of such assets often goes unaddressed until it’s time to move the business. Mesa Moving and Storage has the experience to design a customized asset disposition plan, to include removal, transportation and distribution.

Mesa Moving and Storage provides management and handling services for re-purposing, recycling or disposing of unwanted, unusable, or obsolete equipment, furniture and fixtures in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We offer commercial customers the best scenarios for their asset disposition which may include:

  • Potential tax deduction: donation of used furniture or discarded office equipment and supplies to organizations in need within the community.
  • Potential income: explore secondary markets interested in purchasing surplus assets and prepare a photographic inventory to present to potential buyers.
  • Potential manufacture’s credit: investigate potential buy-back programs with equipment vendors.
  • Maintain privacy: connect with an EPA compliant electronic disposal and data destruction center.
  • Socially responsible disposal: end of life items hauled to a disposal facility or recycling center.

Mesa Moving and Storage is here to help support the unique needs of our commercial customers with a menu of services which range from planning and management to warehousing and transportation.

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