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Green Moving Materials

  • Mesa Moving and Storage was the first mover in America to invest and introduce Masonite-replacement Polynite as floor protection for the office moving industry. This highly sustainable material is multi-layered and made from recycled plastic. Polynite is lightweight, highly durable, cleaner, slip-resistant and long-lasting.
  • First mover in Utah to invest in and utilize reusable office moving crates and dollies, eliminating the need for boxes. Our reusable moving crates and dollies are composed of recycled plastic and are light-weight, stackable, lockable, highly durable, sturdy and long-lasting.

Asset Disposition

Mesa Moving and Storage’s focus is on assisting clients with the responsible disposal of unwanted or broken furniture, electronics and computer equipment. By partnering with local agencies and vendors, assets are sold if possible, donated if desired or properly disposed of if necessary.

Consciously choose a socially responsible way of asset disposition with the green moving assistance of Mesa Moving and Storage.

Sustainability Initiatives

Mesa strives to reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing energy-efficient electrical fixtures, motion sensor lighting and auto-set thermostats in all of our offices and warehouse facilities.

Our recycling efforts include:

  • Reusing boxes until they have reached the end of life
  • Recycling boxes once the structure has been compromised
  • Purchasing paper made from post-consumer recycled fiber
  • Provide recycle containers for in-office use
  • Provide water bottle filling station to encourage a no-plastic bottle policy

All materials used for protecting building interiors are made from recycled materials, all of which are reusable. Mesa also reuses cartons, bubble wrap and other electronic protective materials until no longer usable.

EPA’s SmartWay Program

Greater demand on transportation increases the amount of fuel consumption and gas pollution. Mesa Moving and Storage is working in conjunction with the SmartWay Program to assess hauling activity and make better choices, thereby doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Mesa Moving and Storage has invested in larger crew cab trucks, which hold six people versus two or three in a standard vehicle, and 15-person passenger vans, thus eliminating the need for numerous vehicles to be on the road. By doing so we are reducing air pollution and have cut fuel consumption to transport our crews to and from job locations by more than half.

Move green with Mesa and the Earth will thank you.

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