Benefit for Wounded Warrior Project

The Crossing America On Dirt benefit for Wounded Warrior Project off-road motorcycle ride has come to an end. Kevin Head, Mesa Moving & Storage President and CEO, started his journey at the Atlantic Ocean and finished at the Pacific Ocean.

CrossingAmericaOnDirt_ TransAmericaTrail

  • Start date: July 1, 2017
  • End date: July 28, 2017
  • Total Miles: 5,776
  • Total Days: 28
  • Days on bike: 24
  • Most consecutive days on the bike: 18
  • Rest days: 3 home/1 Bend, OR
  • Number of States: 13
  • Flat tires: 3- all rear; 2 Georgia, 1 Oklahoma
  • Tire changes: 2 rear; 1 front
  • Tubes: 6
  • Oil changes: 2
  • Fuel consumed: 116 gallons
  • Brake pads: 1 set front, 1 set rearBenefit for WWP_KevinHead_ADVRider
  • Zip ties used: 30
  • Crashes: 3
  • Most miles in a day: 370
  • Shortest day: day 6, 120 miles
  • Nights in tent: 9
  • TV interviews: 3
  • Radio interviews: 6

Donations for Wounded Warrior Project are still being accepted via this official WWP event site. 100% of your generous donations go directly to WWP.


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Move for Hunger

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